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We have the garment manufacturing unit named R.G. Collection where we use our fabric to create the desired clothes with great range of colors, designs and styles. We occupy the different sources for different works. We make T-Shirts, Capri, Men’s Lower, Men’s Bermuda, Men’s Capri, Ladies Lower, Ladies Capri, Kids Capri, Kids Lower, Kids Bermuda, Collor T-Shirts, R/N T-Shirts and Kids T-Shirts.

There are many more varieties available at our disposal. Clothes are the style statement. A person’s status is judged by his clothing sense. We make clothes for you to look different from others. Our garments are so comfortable to wear and above of all it is easy to buy them at wholesale prices from our disposal.

We assure you about the quality of our fabrics and clothes. We are working in the field from almost 7 decades now. Working together as a team we always make sure to bring the best of the best fabric for you. At our manufacturing units it is always made sure to manufacture the fabric and garments you love to wear. We bring the new designs and styles for you to stand different by others. You can easily contact us online and offline for buying fabrics and garments on wholesale from us. We are always available to help you. See our Contact us page for further information about how to reach to us. We are not the India’s best we are covering the entire world under our business area and serving each and every country with best quality fabrics and garments.